Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Itskazu School

The Itskazu School is 100 meters east of the Casa de Dona Lela. I always thought it was a preschool from the little play ground out front to the design of their sign. It is a school that runs from Kindergarden to Senior in High School. It is an all Spanish speaking school and my kids don't speak spanish. Some of my friends think this is harsh but I do this from experience. I grew up in a town with many Portuguese imigrants who sent their kids to school and none of us spoke Portugese. They all learned with in a few months. My kids have the luxury of having some English speaking kids in their school. I am confident they will excell.

The schools main focus is on the arts and being creative. The strss many diferent ideas of tolerence, peace, honesty, etc. Yolanda an English teacher at the school and a woman that lives close by to us has been great. During the opening talk which was focused on mothers and family and their role in the family. The importance of their actions and importance of being happy. Stressing being a good mother is not good enough being a happy mother is important. How can we teach are children about peace in this day of a warring world. With this in mind I added a cost of war meter to my site. Not trying to be to political just think though about what the costs of war are and what we want the world to be.


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