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Motor Psychos Bar, Grill, and Shop

I took my kids to the movies at Cinemark in the Multi Plaza in Escazu. While standing in lines in McDonalds, they love the fries I saw a young Tico with a cool tatoo of a green clover, blue diamond, red heart, and a black spade. I asked him if I could check it out and he responded in English that I could. We got into conversation of where he had it done. I don't have any tatoos but you can tell it was really good art and creative with a design of cards a nine ball covering his whole upper arm covered. It ends up the artist that did it is the same artist who does tatoos on Sundays at Motor Psychos in Piedades, Santa Ana.

Motor Psychos as my brother says has made it onto the rotation of local watering holes we frequent. Here is a rough list of spots we go to:
GT=Gringo/Tico spots
TT=Total Tico
Now obviously if we go there it isn't Total Tico but we rarely see other Gringos at the spots.

The Pub(Escazu Centro)GT
Lalys(50 meters west of The Pub)TT
Bar Snoopy(Up 1KM behind Paco)TT
Henry's(San Rafael Caje Vieja)GT
Cerros(San Antonio across from soccer field)GT
Big Dogs(across from Serettos)GT
Cebolla Verde(Calle Vieja top of hill Santa Ana)TT
Rock and Roll Pollo(Calle Vieja bottm of hill Santa Ana)GT
Bar Amigos(Santa Ana Centro)TT
Motor Psychos(Main Road to Piedades just over the small bridge)GT

Here is a picture of there sign. It is the three owners on their bikes.

Motor Psychos is really a different place. Tak is in charge of building custom bikes there. His image is the guy in the center of the sign. He had a cool shirt on it said ....Respect Is Earned Beatings Are Free.....I asked him and Richard when the beatings started and he said "We are giving them out as door prizes later" I replied "I will take that as my time to leave". This place is a total tropical biker bar. Open air bar and dining area and a shop to order parts and get biker related gear in the back. The shop is run by Ken the other owner who's image is on the left side of the sign. That leaves us with Richard who is the bar/restaurant guy.

I first met Richard at Rock n Roll Pollo's in Santa Ana. He just got back in town from a long trip was my understanding. He use to be partners with Dr. Bob over at Tex Mex also in Santa Ana. I guess they had a falling out and he was talking about opening a biker bar/part shop/custom shop with light food mainly bocas. Now Richard is known in the area for the high quality food he can put out and the menu has been coming along slowly and I thought they had hardly any food. Well Sunday it was just rolling out, quesadias,nachos, real Buffalo wings, etc. I was sitting right next to Richard and suggested he put out some more food, past experience lead me to believe they wasn't much on the menu. Boy was I wrong and he let me know it. Which is coll because I love to bust balls and can take it as well as dish it. We had a real good time there and all three partners are very hospitable. Here is a picture of Richard.

IF you know of any other spots in the area we should try out just email me at


Blogger Lola said...

Hey - I'm currently working in CR (living in Escazu). I'm wondering if you remember or know what the name of the tattoo artist was? I'm looking to get a tat myself and I'd like to research it a little bit before I put a permanent marking on my body.


PS - I love the blog!

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