Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Pub

I grew up in the local bar business in Kearny, NJ. My Grandfather had bought a Tavern he never stepped foot in and gave up a $200 a monnth pension he would have had from the factory he worked. I believe he was in his mid 50's when he purchased it and when my father started working there around 1959 it was only his second full time job besides his time in the airforce. I always liked the bar/restaurant business and went to college for Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management at Johnson & Wales in Providence, RI. The local bar has always been a congregating point for me to get comfortable in a new community. In RI it was the Recess Pub. I met a beautiful young blonde from NY there and now we have two daughters some 17 years later. In PA it was Sal's where my good friend Wes Settle owned this dumpy college/local hang out. Arizona was a place where I never really found a place with a local feel. But here in Escazu I found the place. One of my poker buddies Camisa Bob and I were talking about places to eat and fin certain foods and the subject of Fish & Chips came up. Now Kearny, NJ is a Scotts/Irish community that had five authentic Fish & Chip Restaurants. So I am always skeptical when someone has good Fish & Chips. I was told head straight up the Hill past the Scotia bank heading towards Escazu Centro. When you go around the curve to the right at the top of the hill it will be right on you right hand side. It will have a green Heineken awning and read "THE PUB".

I am very picky as I said when it comes to my Fish & Chips and I will say they are really good. I prefer to eat a Cod or Halibut but you have to go with what's available. For the price you definitely can't beat it. I am not much of a price watcher but I believe they are under 3,000 colones. The first thing that caught my eye is that this place is just a small hole in the wall. Some people like big and fancy some like small and charming. The wood work is really nice and if there is 50 people in there it is elbow to elbow. Now if it only is run well and has a hospitable owner and staff, than this is our place. The first night there I met one of the owners, Chris, an expat from Canada and a great host. He bought us a round of drinks welcomed us to Costa Rica and we had some good Fish and Chips. The food there is only Bocas and Pub Grub and it's good. Not gormet but a great place for a burger and some conversation. I love the Taco Chinos and the Jalapeno Poppers.

The staff is Wilson and Neil the bartenders/waiters who both make you feel at home. Plus with Neil I get to practice my spanish since his english isn't great and with Wilson it is pure Spanglish. Wilsons english is pretty good. I go down to the pub anywhere from 2-4 times a week. Especially when I need any type of information or translation. This is where the other owner, Caroline, enters into the picture. She is a runs The Pub in the daytime and is a Grigatica from Canada that came down here on vacation fell in love and never moved back. She is a real sweer heart and her husband Tiger, I mean Tavo, is a great guy and have both helped me out with local problems where I need some help talking on the phone in spanish and Tavo even took me down to the electric company when I had a problem and took care of it for me. I know these aren't service options on The Pubs menu but man what nicepeople the owners are. Chris is very protective of the single female customers that come in. He wants to make sure they always feel secure and comfortable. By the amount of woman that go in there at night I would say they must like the service and hosptality.

The Pub in the daytime is basically a gringo hang out and at night it goes anware from a good mix to total tico and I love that. You never know what to expect when you get there.

How does a rating scale of 1- 5 beers sound? I am pretty picky so I am not quite sure if I should do ratings. Well tonight we are walkiing across the street to meet our god friends William and Caroline at the Taj Mahal. This will be a first time experience and I think they just did some remodeling so I will write about it in the next day or two.

Any other recommendations?


Blogger About Us said...

I couldn't quite tell if this was a "good review" because paragraph 2 wasn't clear. It sounds like you thought it was good but I'd like to know for sure.

Also, it might really be this good because in the last paragraph you mention some god friends.


7:28 PM  
Blogger dehaaij said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Steve. I'm fairly new myself, having just started a few months ago. Always enjoy a read on Costa Rica. I'm not sure if I've been to the Pub or not. I think a few of the guys I golf with go there on Saturdays around noon. Out of the neighborhood for me as I live in SF2R. Funny how you mention your friend as "Camisa" Bob. Nearly all the expats I know (mostly from bars) have identifying nouns in front of their first names. Makes you wonder why no one is known by their surnames...

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